Cement industry

Companies often mull over and discuss factory or plant-wide management solutions for many years – but without ever actually implanting them. After all, they are understandably reluctant to halt production for an extended period while the new system is being fitted, and find the prospect of organizing and planning the whole activity daunting, especially since they often want to implement a new solution all at once

Over year of experience in the cement industry, High systems has reach to develop a control system where the cement & lime-stone factories can be run and monitored fully trough a creative interface  as simple as easy to operate

High systems also has developed two operating system for the ready-mix & asphalt mixing  plants, the interface program is a SQL data based configurable at the time of installation to fit different plants capacities with most required reports 



Food and Beverage

Some business challenges are clear – all Food and Beverage areas need to have some form of tracking/tracing system. But other special requirements are not so immediately obvious. Take for example the care that needs to be taken when dealing with raw material like flour etc.

Anyone handling fine powders will know that in certain “air to dust” concentrations they can become explosive – therefore monitoring the performance of extractors takes on a new importance.
High systems understand these needs which have lead to us being a leader of automation vendor to Food, Beverage and CPG businesses in the GCC. Our reputation service, reliability and innovation supports our customers in one of the most intensely competitive regions in the world market.



High Systems as dealer for Mitsubishi Electric which is a leading supplier of automation products and solutions worldwide. 

Together with this leading position, we possess an extensive range of expertise not only in packaging but also across other industries. Mitsubishi Electric, known for its high quality and diverse range of automation products, boasts a whole range of solutions to meet your needs. Our experience covers the full range of packaging disciplines including filling, labelling and bagging applications.

The product wide range allows you to select the right solution for the task. For example, you could take advantage of the simple, easy to use benefits of our FX series of controllers or move to the high speed registration and multi-axes control of the iQ Platform. Whatever the case, Mitsubishi Electric has a solution for you. Further, utilizing the SSCNET III high speed motion control network, provides the final link to high speed positional control. Welcome to Mitsubishi Electric's packaging world. Sharpen your edge with high speed packaging solutions.

Bottle filling, Labelling, Horizontal and vertical pillow, Preparing for distribution, Machine Solutions


Water Automation Solutions

As an industry, the supply, collection and management of water resources faces some unique challenges. It is a resource many consumers almost take for granted, bringing pricing pressures that impact investment and operational costs. In addition processes must operate within strict regulatory guidelines to maintain the safety of supply and protect the environment.

High systems can offer a range of systems that have the necessary flexibility and dependability to meet these demands, while backing it up with many years of experience working with customers in the water industry.



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