Delma Asphalt Plant

Project Name: Delma Ashpalt Plant
Client: Delma Engineering
Location: Mafraq Industrial Area /Abu Dhabi
Power & Control Contractor: High Systems LLC
Project duration: 2009-2010

Project Description:
Supply, install & commissioning of power and control panel
Control system base on Mitsubishi FA hardware

HSV 0.9ASP asphalt plant interface software is specifically designed for the control of asphalt plants, it enhance customer service, reduce costs,
Increase the productivity and provide reports, and information for billing and accounting systems.
It provides fully automatic operation, it is handling the following:
• Control feeding of the raw materials to the furnace.
• Controlling the furnace and the material temperature.
• Weighing the materials according to the mix proportions.
• Weighing the bitumen and controlling its temperature.
• Discharging the mixed asphalt.
• Maintaining records for the supplied asphalt


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